My bread mix……

Ah ha!! You thought I was going to say I used bread mixes!! Nope, i don’t and i usually do it all by hand. Sometimes I have a wee cheat and use the bread makers kneading function…but not when I am feeling very virtuous!!

look at this!! Like Xmas!!

My Breadmix is where i get all my flours etc from. I love it!! Especially as they deliver and i can get all types of flours and baking needs from them and it is mostly organic and also they stock most of the Italian flours too…………Wonderful things that i have yet to try …Banana juice , strawberry juice, natural sprinkles. I love sprinkles. Not hundreds and thousands, i DON’T like them now days . Not sure why. When I was a kid and even my boys had them, I loved sprinkle buns and they were a plain white long bun (sometimes with jam in the middle) and had a thick pink icing and 100’s and 1000’s slathered all in the icing. Heaven on a stick!! Revolting bun really, no taste but i think i need to reinvent them……..

That will be a task for the future.

But check out

Very reasonable prices and nice people too:) which always make sit easier to then part with your hard-earned cash …

ohhhhh and they have some nice proving baskets too……………

Have a look.

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