i love fairy bread!!

No, I don’t as the taste is horrid but Fairy bread for most people brings back memories and even though now days the lunchbox nazi’s have banned fairy bread in all forms, there are still many die-hard fans! If only for memories………My sons love it and even though they are nearly all teenagers now (and they would never ask for it), they still love Fairy bread and so I thought today is a fairy bread day especially as soon they may be too old for Fairy bread 😦 For a while at least .

As a special treat, I have done two types of fairy bread,  rainbow (traditional) and Chocolate hail version.

Ahhhhh Fairy bread

So here is my recipe for Fairy bread..Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.

Michelle’s Marvellous Fairy Bread.

Serves 2 hungry boys

  • 4 pieces of white bread. It needs to be the LEAST nutritious you can. Don’t even think of making this with nice bread ok? I had visions of a homemade ciabatta (I am sure Italian children would use ciabatta for Fairy bread) or a crusty french loaf. NOPE!!
  • Chocolate Hail, 100’s and 1000’s or Rainbow hail.
  • Butter for Spreading

Remember highly processed!! Plain white bread

White plain bread!! REMEMBER not nutritious highly processed is essential!!


  • Spread butter on bread. This has to be thick, ok? Don’t do a woman spread, it has to be a man/ boy spread!! People with son’s or who have watched brothers/husbands/partners etc spread butter know what i mean!! If you look at it and feel yourself recoil, revolted at the amount of butter, then that IS the amount you need!!
  • And don’t do the butter to the edge either, Boys do not like that. If you have girls, yes, you can 🙂
  • Sprinkle, and once again, don’t be light handed here, the more the better. Yes, I know, yuck but they like it!! I admit, i have been a little miserly in the above photos but HOPEFULLY they will be starving and the fairy bread will be approved 🙂
  • Cut into triangles, it can’t be rectangles, no, no, no, no…. TRIANGLES.

  • Don’t be stingy with the hail or toppings!!

    Arranged all lovely…

    You can amuse yourself as i do and arrange it nicely on the plate.But remember boys do not see this either, only quantity!!

    Argh Fairy bread…and remember Cheerios? Are we allowed them anymore? In fact I swear I have a bread recipe with them in it………..pigs in muck or something. I must find it….

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy …..

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