Heavenly Apricot Spice Brioche!! plus…..

Hubby’s Pavlova:

Not a yeasty beasty but deserves a mention as it’s a NZ dish, divine and Hubby makes it soooooo well. Not sure about the decoration below but you know what they say about ugly things!! They are usually the best.

A favourite NZ dessert…

You will need

  • 8 egg whites at RT ( see Poppy seed cake recipe to use up egg yolks).
  • 2 cups of castor sugar.
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence.
  • 1 tsp vinegar.
  • 2 tsp cornflour.
  • 450 mls cream for whipping later.
  • Sprinkles and/ or fresh fruit for decoration.

Whip those whites!!

  • Preheat oven to about 140 Celsius.
  • Prepare baking tray with baking paper on it.
  • Whip the egg whites until soft and peaky.
  • Add one tsp on sugar at a time.
  • This process takes about 10-15 minutes but you need the sugar to be dissolved and worked in as well as possible.
  • Beat in vanilla, cornflour and vinegar.
  • Don’t beat the whisk or the beaters on the bowl.
  • Spoon Pavlova mix onto the prepared baking tray, forming a round or oval shape.
  • Pile it up!!
  • Place in oven and bake for 30 minutes at 140 Celsius and then reduce heat to 110 and bake for a further 60-90 minutes until the Pavlova is dry and crisp and lifts of the baking paper easily.

Ready to ice!!

  • When cool, transfer to a plate and whip cream and place on top of the Pavlova.
  • Decorate to your taste!

Tastes divine too!!

Below is how we usually decorate the Pavlova but i think the boys told hubby that chocolate drinking chocolate would be nice, which it would taste wise but a brown Pavlova?? But as I said, it tasted divine!! 

A bit more colour …

Back to the Brioche……..

I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Talk about glutton for punishment.

I know these Brioche’s are buggers to make by hand BUT still i insist on making them….Luckily this time, not too long kneading, 20 mins to put in 300+ grams of butter. I need a new mixer with a dough hook. I have on the odd lazy occasion used the breadmakers kneading facility BUT I don’t like to use that with buttery goods as i like it to be worked in well, so by hand it is. I am looking for an old mixer, the old Kenwood’s ,you know they last for ever and I have my eye on a few so will keep you all informed!! HUGE dough hooks, good for at least 1-2 kg of dough…….and i have my beady eyes on some bannettons too:) Sigh….All the makings of yeasty heaven…

What are we aiming for?

Divine intervention from the Yeasty Gods!!

Now the recipe I used was https://greedybread.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/are-you-feeling-beasty-today/ from here so I won’t repeat it .

BUT i will add, that i used 320g of butter not 220g, so an increase in butter and take a little longer to work it in.

You also need half a cup of Raisins and half a cup of chopped apricots and 2 tsp cinnamon.

When you take the brioche out from its night in the fridge, still work as quickly as you can with it. Put it back in the fridge if need be.

Work the apricots etc into the dough and work through, don’t handle it too much though, so work as quickly as you can.

You could add the fruit just after you finish the kneading the day before, just before you place the dough in the fridge. I don’t like to add fruit etc during the kneading process unless its right at the end.

Leave to prove until doubled in size, just as in the above recipe. You may need 5 minutes more cooking time with the added fruit. From the recipe above, I got 1 brioche and one braided plait so you will get a larger plait if you are making only one or you could make 2 smaller ones , the size I did.

Leave to cool and then enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

Lets look at the photos.

1st starter for Brioche

Ingredients and 1st starter already to go !

Eggy mix into 1st starter

Yeasty eggy mix into Dry

Form that dough!

Work that dough!

Work that butter in!!

Almost done!!

Into the fridge in an oiled bag overnight

Apricots, Raisins and Cinnamon

Grease the tins!

Ready for proving

Add in the Fruit and Spice

Ready to roll and braid

Ready for egg wash

Bit of a prove

Mmmmm ready to eat!!

Sooooooo Nice!!


Very Exciting News!!!

Can’t wait!!! Very excited!! Bloody hell……..I finally found a mixer that I liked . You know the big old ones by KENWOOD, that most of our Granny’s had and our Great granny too?? Now I have to digress for a moment. I must be one of the few women whose husband could buy me any kitchen gadgety thing and I would love it!! Have I ever received one? NOPE!! Anyways, back to the matter at hand…………..KENWOOD MIXERS!!

Now days they look like this:

mmmmmmm Kenwood!!

Simply stunning but I wanted an older one as I have to say, I like the red BUT hate stainless steel as it is a bitch to clean. My stainless steel toaster and jug will be getting the boot as soon as possible but they don;t seem to want to give up the ghost!!

My baby looks like this: In fact this is her photo!! SIGH ……….

My baby!! Look at her!! Isn;t she wonderful??

She (and it is a she, I think the odd mixer is a He, but this is definitely a she, I can feel it in my bones:) is just a wee beauty and you know, I know, I will have her all my life. She is in the world of Kenwood’s, a newer model, a 1987…………3 speeds and look at the attachments!! Especially the dough hook!! I have on my trade me (NZ E Bay) watch list a mincer, juicer and sausage maker attachment!! Heaven…………

I am going to call her Greedygirl.

Greedygirl will even keep my son happy with a blender on it. He was not happy when I sold my food processor/ blender as I was not using it. He said he was using the blender for milkshakes, so this will keep him smiling 🙂

Speaking of  Kenwood mixers, while I was looking for some info on them, I found a very interesting yahoo group called ‘We actually collect Kenwood mixers” err i think………..Very interesting and quite hardcore .

So that’s all I wanted to share tonight. VERY VERY EXCITING INDEED!!

Don’t forget the special NZ bread will be hot out of the oven tomorrow and the 2nd go at the Altamura bread.

My apricot brioche and 2 plain brioche are GONE!! Baked at 11am  today.More on that tomorrow.

Talk about greedy guts!!