Apple wine anyone?

Err, should be apple yeast that is but you can smell the fermentation and it reminds me of alcohol.

Day one

After reading about this Apple or raisin yeast in Jan Hedh’s book ” Swedish Breads and Pastries’ (which is a great book) I needed to make some.

I thought lets get YEASTY!!

What did i do?

I got a jar with a tight lid.

Peeled and cored 4 apples (but you don’t need to peel them).

Place 1000 mls of warmed water in the jar and place the apples in it and seal the lid.

You can if you want, put a little sugar or honey to speed things along.

I also put a cup of raisins in there as well.

Day three

Place in a warm place for 4-6 days.

Check once a day and shake the jar.

When it pops and smells of alcohol, its ready!!

Day five

Strain yeast water into bowl.

Squeeze all the juice from fruit.

Throw out apples or raisins as you will not need them.

Place yeast water back in jar.

Place in the fridge where it will keep for 6 months or so.

Apple Yeast

This weekend, I will be using some of it for La mere and some rustic apple bread.

Mmmmm, can’t wait!!

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