What is Luscious, Golden and yummy?

ha ha many, many things!! BUT nothing is as luscious as the PANDORO…..

From the Veneto region, it is the regions equivalent of the Panattone.

I had some mini ones from the supermarket in Lucca and Venice but I knew they would not be like a homemade one.

The Italian supermarkets, sell huge boxes which have Pandoro in them but I still think, can’t beat homemade……

So without further ado………………….

What are we aiming for?????


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a special treat!

Bella Bagni di Lucca

Lucca is one of the loveliest towns in all of Italy, and it is just 25 kilometres from Bagni di Lucca. It is our nearest large town.

Lucca was founded by the Etruscans and became a Roman colony in 180BC. The rectangular grid system of the roads in the historical centre preserves the original Roman plan. The town is surrounded by a wall which expanded with the growing town. The current configuration dates from the 16th century. It remains intact and now is the outstanding feature of the town.

The wall is 4.2 kilometres around and it is possible to walk or cycle along the top. It is beautiful at any time of the year.











If you are lucky enough to be in Lucca in mid March you will see the beautiful magnolias in bloom in the Corso Garibaldi.




Later in spring the huge white magnolias arrive.



Giacomo Puccini was…

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Breadist? Who me?

i am a bit concerned!

My friend told me i was being breadist…………I said “What?’

Sexist, racist, elitist, oldist…..NOW BREADIST!!

I had to laugh….

In order to appease my breadist leanings, I shall add a new category .

I shall call it greedyboys in honor of my greedy boys who tends to have more cakeist and biscuitish leanings than bread.

It will be cakey/ biscuity type things so then i will not be breadist.

Here is a wee preview of what we can expect to see in greedyboys…….

And I promise to do at least one non bready thing a week!!

Triple Choc chocca cookies

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A Mid Winter Xmas Delight?

Well it’s a mid winter xmas for us here in NZ but for most other people, it will be mid -summer xmas……….

The Xmas bread (but also festivals) of Lake Como.

Mataloc is also offered as a dessert………with a bit of mascarpone

This is what we want!!

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