Bready for some wonderful Spicey Fruityness??

As you know, I am very partial to fruity spice breads and multi tasker breads.

MMMM Anise scented bread…………Heaven !!

Raisin, Cinnamon and Honey Bread

I had intended making a bigio bread and then a new ciabatta recipe BUT I really needed the mixer which broke as I was making the first dough!!

So until greedygirl comes back later this week (fixed) then I am making knead a lot less breads!!

I like to knead the bread BUT the two above breads really need to be in a mixer as it really is a softy liquidy dough….. Continue reading

Excited, Excited, Excited!!

Guess what!! Not bready but maybe bready related!!

I got some le creuset pots (saucepans)  and we all know,

they last a lifetime!! Bit of a clean up and these beauties will be PRIMO!!

Wooooooooooo!!work the happy dance!!

Work it, Work it, woooooo, Work it!!

yay, le creuset

imagine the Yeasty beasties, I can make with these!!