A very Chocca Yeasty…

Yes, I am slightly chocolate obsessed at present……….

I think I need to investigate why this is? Maybe its winter?

Today we will be enjoying Vanilla and Milk Choc buns…………..a hybrid of Chelsea buns and cinnamon buns:)

let’s get yeasty!!

Ohh, greedygirl is home and FIXED and raring to go!!

mmm some Chocca choc buns:)

Marvellous Winter Milk Chocca choc and Vanilla Bean sweet buns.

You will need:

A hungry tummy and a desire for Chocca choc.

2 tsp yeast

1 tbsp sugar

1/2 cup warm water

 100 g strong bakers flour

150 g strong bakers flour

Pinch of salt

75 g butter plus 40 g melted butter

2 vanilla pods

1 egg

Lovely dough

What do you do?

Warm water and dissolve sugar in the water.

Add yeast and stir well , cover and place in warm place until frothy, about 15 minutes.

Add in 100 g flour to yeasty mix, stir in well , cover and place in warm place for an hour.

Put all dry ingredients in a bowl and combine well, then rub in butter until like crumbs.

chop up the choc!!

Slice open vanilla pods and scrape out seeds with paring knife.

Place vanilla in small bowl and set aside.

Chop up chocolate until in small chunks.

Rolled out dough with chocolate

Beat egg and add with yeasty dough mix to dry ingredients with butter rubbed in.

Form a dough and place in lightly oiled bowl and cover, rest in warm place for 90 minutes.

roll out and roll up the dough.

Remove from warm place and put dough on slightly floured area and roll out dough lightly until about 30 cms by 15 cms.

Melt butter and add in vanilla seeds.

When cool, brush on the rolled out dough.

Scatter chocolate chunks across dough but not to close to the outer edge which you will roll up.

Roll up from edge tightly, like you would with Chelsea buns and secure edge against inner dough.

Slice into 12 pieces and place in well oiled baking tray as pictured below.

Don’t forget they need room to move.

Lay out the dough:)

Cover lightly and place in warm area until almost doubled in size, usually just over an hour.

Preheat oven to 210 celsius.

Remove buns from warm place and place in oven, bake 10 minutes and then turn heat down to 190 celsius.

proven and ready to bake

Bake a further 15-20 minutes or until golden brown BUT be careful your chocolate doesn’t burn.

Leave in tin and cool 15 minutes and then place on wire rack and allow to cool fully.

Enjoy, Enjoy and Enjoy!!

Cooling ….

Just remember that if the buns are still hot, the chocolate will be HOT!!

So watch the tongue:)

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