Are we feeling Toasty today?

I have to say that I am not!!

I swear its minus 20 here:) Not that bad but it feels like it is that temperature.

Believe me when i get up at 5.30 to run off all these yeasty treats, it feels like Siberia:)


Today we are getting yeasty with the ciabatta that I made the other day and making French toast…………

It is a yeasty and it is beasty too!! and no better way than to use up ciabatta that is not fresh………….

Not that older ciabatta is  not great in bread salad, bread pudding or toasted but i thought we need a wee treat.

Pure Gluttony….

Now the good thing too with this as I am sure you know, is it’s a multi faceted recipe and you are only limited by your imagination.

You can make it savoury, with cheese, with meat, with any sort of bread really ,Imagine it with fruit breads or panettone or chocolate breads:)

So let’s get yeasty!!

What will you need?

Serves 4

A good appetite and a sweet tooth.

30 g butter for the fry pan.

Half a loaf or 16 slices of ciabatta bread.

4 eggs.

4 big banana’s.

Dash of vanilla essence.

1 cup of milk or you can be VERY VERY VERY BAD  and use cream .

70g butter

1/2 cup of light brown sugar.

1/2 cup of cream.

Lightly browning the french toast

Heat frypan on stove top on medium heat

Beat eggs, vanilla, milk(or cream if you used it) together.

Melt 15g of  butter in fry pan.

Melt 70g butter in saucepan.

Dip bread in eggy mix and coat well.

caramel sauce

Browned french toast

Don’t cut bread too thick else the mix will not penetrate and not too thin else it will be too soggy.

Place bread in pan and allow to brown, usually 5 minutes each side.

Put sugar in melted butter in saucepan and combine and gently bring to simmer then add in cream and turn down the heat.

Add in sliced banana’s and let banana’s cook a little slowly.

Place cooked bread on plate or tray in hot oven until all is completed.

Caramelised banana

I stacked mine up, you can do as you wish.

I did 2 pieces of french toast, banana’s then drizzle sauce and then 1 pieces of toast and so on….

mmmm, all toasty

yum yum………..

When you are ready, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

A dollop of mascarpone would be sublime too……………

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