Wonderful new bread site i discovered! Checkout the oven and best of all, its another KIWI!! Yippee… and look at the gorgeous bread.

Imported Kiwi

About 2 months ago, I had an over ripe kiwifruit I decided to turn into a sourdough starter. I basically followed the same steps I did with my apple sourdough starter from 2005. This is how it looked a week after being blended with some honey and water. The large amount of bubbles showed good signs of fermentation, and this is the time to start feeding it flour and water.

The first week I started feeding it with flour and water, it wasn’t really showing a lot of life. There were some bubbles in the starter, but it was not doubling in size like my apple starter would after a feed. I persisted anyway, and two weeks later it came to life.

My apple starter is kept by feeding with white flour. With the kiwifruit one, I decided to feed with wholemeal flour. At the moment it’s definitely still…

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