Breadist? Who me?

The piece de Resistance!! Zuccotto..

i am a bit concerned!

My friend told me i was being breadist…………I said “What?’

Sexist, racist, elitist, oldist…..NOW BREADIST!!

I had to laugh….

In order to appease my breadist leanings, I shall add a new category .

I shall call it greedyboys in honor of my greedy boys who tends to have more cakeist and biscuitish leanings than bread.

It will be cakey/ biscuity type things so then i will not be breadist.

Here is a wee preview of what we can expect to see in greedyboys…….

And I promise to do at least one non bready thing a week!!

Triple Choc chocca cookies

Hand on the heart , one greedyboy a week:)

Butterscotch white choc cookies

Death by Choc brownie?

But you know if i make these, i will also need to EAT these??

mmm, chocolate chunks!!

Very very sinful mega chocca brownie

Are you feeling guilty? Hmm, my boys never do either….

a meringue perhaps?

Lemon poppy seed cake perhaps?

Scones, jam and cream



And lastly, to top off some of the things, you will see in greedyboys..

My Xmas piece de Resistance !!


The piece de Resistance!! Zuccotto..


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