Ice Cream Sandwiches for GREEDYBOYS!!!

And for all other GREEDY PEOPLE!!

Not especially a yeasty beasty…

BUT I am sure you will agree, as the greedyboys do……



Definetly not haute cuisine or a classic but…

Very naughty, easy to make and SOOOOOOOOOO decadent…

Sorry, guys not the best photo’s this week as camera is on holiday!!

Now do the want it dance!!

I want it, I  WANT it, I want it…..

num num num num…

Greedyboys ice cream sandwiches…..

Take 2 of the greedyboy cookies you made…just in case you forgot….

Get two scoops of ice cream….

Vanilla or chocolate is good.

You don’t want fancy ice cream, just plain flavours so you can taste the cookies and you don’ have too many tastes happening at once…

Put the ice cream on one cookie and then put the 2nd cookie on top.

Slightly squish together.

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can use any greedyboy biscuits or cookies to make this and IF you are feeling even more decadent, then you could make greedyboy brownie ice cream……

Double yum!!

One thought on “Ice Cream Sandwiches for GREEDYBOYS!!!

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