A Little Zesty Perhaps???

Mmmm, this has to be one of my favourite things to eat.

Lemon coconut slice

My friend, Norma gave me this recipe a while back and I can’t stop eating it.

It is divine, sweet but a wee bit tangy too and slightly crunchy.

Plus it requires no cooking, and its super quick to make…….

and the GREEDYBOYS  love it!!

Oops, it’s all gone!!

Sorry still on phone camera for a few more days:)

Mmmm delicious….

Lemon and coconut slice.

What will you need? Lots of willpower later not to SCOFF the lot in one day:)

1/2 cup of sweetened condensed milk.

130 grams of butter melted.

Zest of 1 lemon.

1 packet of malt/ milk arrowroot/plain type biscuits crushed into breadcrumbs.

1 cup of coconut.

Mmmm the whole tray!!

For the icing:

2 cups of icing sugar

30 grams of softened butter

juice of one lemon.

line them up!!

Crush biscuits until like breadcrumbs.

You can put them in the blender, that works too…but a good old smash will make you feel GREAT!!

You can have the crumbs slightly larger if you want, there is no hard and fast rule.

Add in coconut and lemon zest and combine well and set aside.

Grate lemon over the ingredients so the lemon oils get infused too!!

Melt butter and condensed milk together in a pan.

Allow to cool a little and then add to biscuit, lemon and coconut mix.

Put ingredients in a greased dish ,

usually about 30-40 cms by 15-20cms.

Press the mixture to cover the dish and press down well, compacting the ingredients.

NB: Press the mix down quite hard to make sure it will all be firm.

Place in fridge and chill for 90-120 minutes.

Sooooooo tasty

To make the icing combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until smooth and creamy.

Spread over slice and return to fridge until slightly set and slice.

Allow to chill for another 1 hour before serving…

Enjoy, Enjoy, enjoy!!!

PS: You can add raisins or cranberries too for a bit of a jazz it up but to be honest, I think its best as it is ….

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