Fabulous Greedyboy Fudge anyone???

As you can see the camera has returned.

We have decent shots again….ok, well clear ones:)

Mmmmmm, how delicious can you get?

Cut it up into wee bits and mix into vanilla ice cream….

Fudge ice cream!!

Mmmmmm Fudgey delights…

Now this fudge is an old recipe for Russian fudge that I have had for years.

It has taken me years to get to the stage where I can now look at the texture and know its ready to pull off the stove..

As you know, too little and its like caramel… too much and its like crystalized sugar..

A fine, fine line:) But well worth it.


Michelle’s Marvellous Greedyboy fudge:

You will need…

Greedyboys eaten it all…nearly!!

180gms butter

4 cups of sugar

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

1 tbsp vanilla essence

2/3rd’s cup of milk

2 tbsp golden syrup

What do you do?

Easy peasy…..

Place butter and sugar in the pan, preferably a good one with a copper base as this burns easily.

Bring to gentle simmer and add in all other ingredients except the vanilla essence.

Stir gently from time to time to avoid sticking.

I usually have the stove element on 1 or slightly less all the time. NO HIGHER!!


Bring to a gentle simmer and allow to boil until it is a quite deep goldy colour.

I test it sometimes by putting a tsp of the fudgey mix into 1/4cup of cold water, this checks what stage its at.

Its called softball and hard ball stage.

It can be between 30-60 minutes.

I find you want somewhere in between, also too the fudge loses some of the gloss.

When you think “ahhhh, its ready’ , remove from the heat.

Allow to sit for about 10 minutes and then add in vanilla essence.

Beat until mix thickens but be careful as it can thicken and start to set while you are beating it.

This is why I have learnt to do it by look, not by timing as much.

Quickly pour into prepared tray…

Allow to cool and place in the fridge.

After an hour, slice it, into pieces and return to fridge.

When its cool, Enjoy, Enjoy and Enjoy!!

Have a piece…before it all goes…

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