Time for Mid Week Chocccccc………

ooooollllllaaattteee!! Chocolate:)

Yumm, Big Sugar hit!!

Don’t know about you but i NEED some chocolate to get through hump day Wednesday tomorrow..

Long long, long VERY long week………..

So give me sweet, rich and chocolate I say!!


This is definitely a greedyboy recipe…………

Not a yeasty as unless i was making pain au chocolat, then only a rich biscuity/cakey choc would do!!

Plus as its mid-week, I don’t have the time for the beloved yeast as I am limited in hours I have.

So that is why the GREEDYBOY recipes fit in well …

Yummy, easy, quick and hits the spot!!

Just what the Misery Doctor of work ordered:)

Crush those biccies!!

Greedyboy Chocca fridge slice!!

What do you need?

1 packet of plain biscuits,  Malt,  arrowroot or even Nice…(not that are NICE biscuits, they are bloody horrible)

175g butter

1 cup of raisins(or currants, whatever takes your fancy)

6 tbsp of golden syrup

3tbsp of Cocoa

1 cup of coconut (optional)

1/2 cup of chopped nuts( optional)

2 tsp of Vanilla essence.

Melt the butter and cocoa

What do you do????

Melt butter, golden syrup and cocoa in a pot.

Crush those biscuits , belt the living crap out of them:) great for mid-week anxiety issues!!

Put crushed (or use a blender) biccies in a bowl and add any fruit, nuts or coconut you are adding.

When butter is melted, cool slightly and add in vanilla essence and add to biscuit mix.

Combine well, coating the crumbs.

Press the mix in the tin

Place in greased tin, pressing down on the mix and spreading it across the tin.

Press well again and level cake.

Pop in fridge  for 2 hours.

Remove and add melted chocolate on top or chocolate icing.

I like to use chocolate butter icing myself but chocolate threaded across or spread is just as divine!!

Slice about an hour after icing:)

Leave in fridge over night.

Ice iT!!


Slice a piece and  ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!!

Take a BIG piece to help you get through HUMP day:)

Mmm bite into the icing…yummmm

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