Greedyboy Scones …….

An oldie but a goodie and very very good for greedyboys!!

I had 8 greedyboys here in the weekend so you can imagine the quantities of food that get guzzled!!

a old fav…

Scones are ideal, as they are filling, yet you can make them savoury or sweet so they please all palates:)

Plus they are easy to do, quick and no fancy ingredients are needed.

We shall say goodbye to September with Scones.. Continue reading

Who doesn’t love “O Sole Mio”?

For some reason, I always think of that song when I think of Venice:)

It is one of the most requested songs for Gondaliers to sing ……

Mmmm Veneziana

Yet it is a Neapolitan song.

But this lovely beauty is all Venetian!! It’s a Veneziana.

A Venetian version of Pandoro perhaps or a Panettone, as the dough is similar but without the fruits.

Definitely a festival bread and it does take a little effort but WELL worth it. Continue reading

Mmmmm Ricciarelli? Simply divine…

When I tasted these little devils in Siena, I thought mmmm, easily a daily addiction:)

Little pillows of heaven….

I didn’t realise they were made with a marzipan like paste called Mandorle.

In fact I am not 100% sure what the difference is….

I thought they were very similar or the same dependant on which country you lived in.

Had a  quick look and apparently Marzipan is Almond paste with more sugar added, very simply.

Also Marzipan is used more for icing but Almond paste is used more as a filling:) Continue reading