Greedyboy White Choc & Brown Butter Cookies….

Yes, the browned butter is getting a thumping at the moment…

But once you’ve had brown butter, you never go back 🙂


Err or something along those lines….

I thought of this recipe the other day.

In NZ, October is breast cancer month so we get a lot of pink and white things.

I saw white choc with raspberries by my fav choccie maker, Whittakers!!

And I thought mmmm, that would be nice with the brown butter, vanilla but no cinnamon or other spices…

Stack them high!

Use the recipe on here as a template.

These are the changes I made to it.

Take out cinnamon and we are not rolling these in cinnamon or sugar mix.

Add 2 tsps of vanilla essence and add in with the eggs.

With the sugar I used all brown and no muscovado, so the vanilla is not drowned out.

I added in 1 & 1/2 cup of chopped up white choc (yummy Whittaker!!)or you could use buttons or chips….

Add these in at the end, when it’s almost ready to pop in the fridge.

Ready to bake 🙂

I used the same oven temperature but i baked these about 5-6 minutes longer.

They are a little more crunchy than the prior ones, which are nicest soft and pillowy.

already to MUNCH!!

mmmmm Give me more…

Have a bite…

One thought on “Greedyboy White Choc & Brown Butter Cookies….

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