Greedyboy Scones …….

An oldie but a goodie and very very good for greedyboys!!

I had 8 greedyboys here in the weekend so you can imagine the quantities of food that get guzzled!!

a old fav…

Scones are ideal, as they are filling, yet you can make them savoury or sweet so they please all palates:)

Plus they are easy to do, quick and no fancy ingredients are needed.

We shall say goodbye to September with Scones..

We also say hello to daylight savings here in NZ.

So more sun, more light and MORE BAKING!!

have a cuppa too

So let’s get beasty!!

What will you need?

7 cups of Strong bakers flour

8 tsp of baking powder

Big pinch of salt

Milk to mix, usually 1- 1& 1/2 cups.

80g softened butter.

Any fruit, cheese, nuts etc that you want to put in them.

Today I am making plain and raisin.

For the raisin, I will add a big cup of raisins, some cinnamon too.

Ready for the oven…

Place dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

Add softened butter and rub into dry mix until it resembles breadcrumbs.

You can also divide the dry mix in half and put in the fruit, other additives before adding the  milk.

Some would argue this is less handling, but up to you.

Add enough milk into to make a soft, almost sticky dough.


This is the secret to light scones, not over playing with them.

Cut dough in half  if making two types like me.

Above is my plain ones and they are not the biggest as I wanted to make a lot, but you can make them bigger or smaller.

Place on a baking tray with baking paper.

Pre heat oven to 230 celsius.

Add raisins to scone mix that is left, work quickly, once again, not too much handling:)

Put in the raisins

Ready to bake

Brush the tops of the plain scones with milk and pop in the oven.

The oven needs to be hot!!

Cut up 2nd batch while the first batch is baking.

You can if you want, bake 2-3 trays at a times but my oven is cazzo, so I do it one at a time.

Bake 10 minutes, turning the tray at 5 minutes.

You can bake slightly less, I like my scones brown but you may like tan!!

Remove from oven and allow to cool for a few minutes, then you can eat them!!

Ready to eat…

Add some butter, jam or cream?

Look at the crumb…

You can put almost anything in these, that is the beauty of scones.

Big dollop of cream, ricotta or mascarpone.

Even greek yoghurt..

I like grated apple and cinnamon, cheese and chilli, cheese, salame and pepper…

The possibilities are endless.

Dont forget…ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!


2 thoughts on “Greedyboy Scones …….

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