Yummy in my Tummy Passionfruit & Lemon Muffins..

Just perfect for morning tea, in fact the greedyboys tell me they are good for anytime.

Hmm, not sure that is a compliment, as they say that about 2 minute noodles !!

just luscious and moist…

Not really a muffin maker really but I like the odd cakey thing..

But l would then like to eat ALL the cakey thing regardless of it being a 24 inch cake , so I decided muffins were probably a good choice… Continue reading

Beat the Mid week slump…. Italian Chocolate Bread!!

I know you will love this one , I feel it in my bones….

Moist Chocolate bread…

Imagine this used in a bread & butter pudding,  summer pudding, even in a zuccotto instead of sponge…

You WOULD SELL your kids for this…Pane alla Cioccolata.

Errrr I would sell mine for a good Ciabatta, in fact some days, I would give them away!!!

That makes me think of this bread I saw the other day….Bread of the dead cactus or something.. Continue reading