Ha ha..Slipped the Wholemeal in….

and they didn’t murmur a word!!

It is a DIRTY word in our house…..

gobble them up!!

he he he…crafty me !!

Those naughty greedyboys LOVE the Florentine rosemary and raisin buns….

But they HATE,HATE, HATE anything that maybe or is suspected to be good for them:)

Wholemeal bread is looked upon in the same light as dirt…

We will not even mention whole grains!!


Foodie’s they are not, my sons……..

Bulk volume is what it is about and no vegetables.

So I thought “Hmmmm”…

No harm in trying to slip in some wholemeal and if they didn’t eat them, they didn’t eat them …..

More for me:)


So we are going to take the recipe from here:


And alter it ever so slightly…..

Instead of 4 cups of Strong bread flour , use 2 of wholemeal and 1.5  of strong bakers flour.

Easy peasy….

I was a little worried as wholemeal breads can be a little dry when swapping ingredients so I did a little less flour.

My dough was quite sticky on first rise….which is what you want in this case.

If you feel though, yours is too wet, add a little more flour….

Olive oil and rosemary

Apart from that small tweak, and I used a little more rosemary too….

But be careful as it can be overwhelming..

Almost ready to bake…

You can see, if you compare these to the originals, you can see the slightly darker texture but apart from that, visually no change.

The taste is not a lot different either…For us with disconcerting palettes, yes, you can taste it but its nice….

But for greedyboys, no change in taste…..

No questions, so no lies:)

Lastly, don’t forget they will color quicker too…..

Don’t forget to ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!

Ready to glaze


a few left…..

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