Why can’t you find a simple recipe anymore?

If I look for a biscuit recipe, I can’t just get something simple.

Any recipe in fact!!

Even some bread recipes are just way too much especially as bread is about the flour and the yeast interaction really….

It has to be wanky concoctions that someone has made that they think makes them sound “avant-garde” or “cutting edge”.

Look at this link….Hardcase but SO SO SO true…


Why don’t we celebrate well cooked/ baked food instead of labeling it boring or old-fashioned?

I am all for experimenting etc as that’s how we get new tastes etc but some recipes are just meant to be left alone.

Sometimes you don’t want the most exotic spice in your biscuits with a touch of absinthe reduction made into a creme filling and lightly dusted with filigree gold dust!!

You just want relatively simple.

Maybe I am just getting old and boring???


Then I found this link this morning and thought “Phew, it’s just not me!!”


Gels and foams are NOT food…I don’t care what that silly bald British guy Heston says….


Sometimes you taste these ‘wonderous creations’ and they actually taste like crap…

just simple ….

I was looking for something to do with extra buttermilk left over from the Irish soda bread and I put in ‘biscuits’ ‘cakes’ and buttermilk and this is a variation of what I got….

No, I am not going to write them as that would be insulting and that is not my intent….

I know we all want people to try our creations so we talk up our food BUT when it’s like Blue ribbon organic carrot cake with milk siphoned from the westerly side of heaven eating goats, with a touch of …

Anyway you get my drift…

 I love Nigella but i KNOW what she says is not the GOSPEL truth…

I know this and some of her recipes suck…

BUT that is the same with most chef’s, cooks, food writers etc…

In fact we all make food that is crap sometimes…

There are some people out there who would eat crusty fried knickers if she said it was fab!!


People need to be real as some of the things she will advertise, are not the best but about the $$$$, as with all celebrity chefs…

I like Jamie Oliver recipes, they (even though he is a bit of a knob try hard to be a wide boy) are good and usually not pretentious..

BUT he does go on about organic food and meat raised in certain ways, which is really nice …

In reality most of us can’t afford a leg of lamb let alone a leg of lamb from the organic grown lamb farm from the Isle of wherever where nothing bad has been ingested and the lamb has been lovingly raised:)

Nice thought but not real…

Here is a NZ article just to round things off….


and this too is quite funny and is what I am talking about…snobbery, really!!



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