Booootiful Banana Cake with Luscious Lemon Icing….

Another glut of banana’s here and what with the temperature here rising daily…


I thought need to get rid of them…

I usually freeze them but then sometimes I know they are in the freezer and it annoys me…

So banana cake it was….This one turned out boooooootiful too…

Just the right amount of moistness, you need to be careful with banana cake as it can easily go from moist to stodgy…

I used this base recipe but……

lovely jubbly

drippy icing too….

What we are doing is following the above recipe but omitting the chocolate chips.

So nice and easy and then making a lemon icing.

I must admit, that I favor buttery, creamy  type icing but what works best here is the simple icing….

Now you don’t want it too wet or it will go everywhere….

But too dry and won’t dribble so effectively.

drippy drippy icing….

Luscious Lemon Drippy Icing.

2 cups of sifted icing sugar.

1 lemon zested and juiced….

A little milk if need be..

Place Icing sugar in a bowl.

Mix in lemon zest and juice.

Add a little milk into get right consistency.

Mix well till all smooth and a LITTLE drippy…..

Then place icing  on top of the COLD cake and it should drip down on its own accord.

very delish…

ring a ring a rosey….

If  it doesn’t dribble,just give it a hand by spreading it slightly….

Won’t look quite the same but will still taste FABULOUS….

If you can control yourself……

Allow icing to set, make a lovely hot black espresso, slice some cake and ENJOY, ENJOY,ENJOY!!

Big bite…

And maybe have a second slice:)

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