Not being a food snob BUT…

This has to be the most outrageous food I have ever seen.

Bacon Cup filled with Cheddar? OMG!!

I am not saying disgusting because it is more that they are heart attack material.

Also I would try some of them but where do people get these idea’s?

I love food but some of this is just so sweet or fatty, you couldn’t taste the food, just the fat or sugar?

Or is that the point?

Super BLT!!

I have to say that some of it is just gluttony , pure and simple…

You would get past enjoying it, you really would..

Enjoy or no?



3 thoughts on “Not being a food snob BUT…

  1. Yes that’s too much!

    In regard to Sweet NZ, if you are a Kiwi or are blogging from NZ yes you can host! February is free, would you like me to book you in?


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