I’m No Liar! The Best Chocolate Cake Ever…

It looks pretty good and I will be trying it tomorrow!! Just so I dont get accused of being breadist that is! or having breadist leanings again cakes , slices and biscuits…

Life is Short. Eat hard!

I have this thing about the word moist. Always have had for some reason. It makes me giggle like a girl but when it comes to this chocolate cake I am afraid there is no other word to describe it.

This is Mum’s Sticky Chocolate Cake… I know many people will claim theirs is the best chocolate cake you will taste. Those people LIE!! Liars all of them. This cake is a sit down, knees weak, party goes silent, GOOD chocolate cake.

As my Thanksgiving present to you all I am going to share this melt in your mouth chocolaty recipe! As a disclaimer the photos do not do this justice!

We only have a single cake tin here so I make this recipe twice for the 2 layers. I don’t like letting the mixture sit while one layer cooks. So if you are lucky and have 2 same sized…

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