Lemon Buttermilk Pikelets…All greedygone!!

Fluffy pikelets, yummm, as I stuff my mouth!!


The buttermilk in these pikelets make them so much fluffier and lighter than normal.

But once again, you need to be careful as they can be stodgy!!

Who doesn’t remember pikelets dripping with butter as you were too impatient to wait till they cooled??

Or am I just a big greedyguts?

Whisk it good!!

What will you need?

2 eggs

1/2 cup of sugar

2 cups of pure flour

1 cup of  buttermilk

1 cup of  milk

Zest of 1 lemon

1/2 punnet of Puhoi yoghurt

Olivani spread or butter

3 tsp baking powder

big pinch of salt..

bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Turn on the frypan  (I use big electric one) to 4-5 on heating or medium.
Whisk egg and sugar until creamy… Add in zest.
Add all dry ingredients together and combine well.
Add in one cup of flour and all buttermilk.
I like to whisk this is to make it smooth… Beating/ mixing is fine too.
Add in remaining flour etc with 1 cup of milk and more if need be to make smooth batter.
Add 1 tbsp of olivani to pan and coat pan with spread.
Spoon in batter when hot, I use a ladle and one ladle does 3-4 pikelets..
Usually 3-4 mins per side but when the batter is all bubbly and risen you know its time to flip it…

Continue until all the batter is used and add more Olivani to coat pan as needed.


Almost done…

Even though these are delicious to eat with melty butter…

When cool, add a lick of olivani and then get a BIG dallop of the fruity puhoi yoghurt which will take the place of jam and cream!!

Tastes better too and the pikelets are lighter with the buttermilk in them and it just has a different taste…

Even though, the pikelets have sugar in them you can still add chutney, salami and cheese too…

You know what to do now!! ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY….

I have put the recipe on here, so go check it out…


Before your own greedyboys come along and POOF….All gone:)

Speaking of greedy, i got so carried away , I forgot to snap them with the Puhoi yoghurt on them!!

But you can imagine how good they look!! and taste…


waiting for toppings???

3 thoughts on “Lemon Buttermilk Pikelets…All greedygone!!

  1. My husband made me lemon pancakes once and it were not good. The best I had were German pancakes where you take lemon butter and powdered sugar to make a glaze on your individual pancake.

    • yeah, my kids love pancales with lemon juice and sugar drizzled on them…
      strangely enough, my husband makes pancakes too and i HATE them…
      Ingredients wise, there is not much difference between pikelets and pancakes but i just dont like pancakes or crepes either so god only knows why i like Pikelets… maybe cause they are little and i dont feel as much guilt at eating them???

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