Inside the Jewish Bakery….

Recipes and Memories from the Golden Age of Jewish Baking.

By Stanley Ginsberg and Norman Berg.

the book itself!!

the book itself!!

Oooh, I thought I would start a new category called strangely enough…. Books.

Ones I like mainly as no point being arsey unless the recipes are really bad!!

The first post deserves a wonderful book….Hard choice, so many books, so little time….

I love this book, in fact I am going to have to buy it.

One of the Authors...

One of the Authors…

I am really interested in Jewish baking, I suppose because I know little about it.

Maybe these guys would like to teach an eager goyim girl the Jewish baking secrets and let me be their apprentice!!

6 months internship!! Heaven….

The dietary laws have always interested me but the breads….the breads…the breads…the doughy pastries….




Normally, I must say I like a book with lots of color pictures, sad but true!!

This has pictures but they are in sections, not by the recipes but its such a gorgeous book and I am so excited about the recipes, that I will forgive them:)

I can just google the pictures if I need to know what it is supposed to look like.

So whats so good about it?

Well, lots of bread…for me that’s a good start:).

My 6 braid all ready to DEVOUR!!

My 6 braid all ready to DEVOUR!!

It has combined recipes and history in a really interesting way and it does have black and white historical and other photos throughout the book.

I love Challah bread, it is so tasty, i just love it, sorry that is not very articulate but it always makes me feel warm, if that makes sense.

There are numerous recipes for challah so it’s a dream come true for me.

If you are feeling adventurous, here is one of my recipes for Challah…(as above)

I think what I will do is to actually go through the book and make most recipes….That is how good I think it is.

There are recipes in here for food i have heard of but never seen like pletzls, blintzes and bialy…and of course favourites I know…

They have the recipe for the round pretzel bread ring things that were all over Krakow!! Krakover twisted bagels!!!

Can't wait to make this:)

Can’t wait to make this:)

Linzer cookies, honey cake, rainbow cookies and many many other wonderful recipes…

Which I am going to make, yes, all of them, I could not do this book justice any other way!!

1-2 recipes a week I think and we shall see….

So stay tuned…and go get it from the library…Just not my copy:)

A few  interesting links from regarding the book.



and a follow-up

I love it errors and all, and what book doesn’t have errors??? hello….

A recipe a day???

Wooooooooooo!!work the happy dance!!

Wooooooooooo!!work the happy dance!!

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