Ottolenghi…. Beautiful…..

If you have not seen or heard of Yotam Ottolenghi , then you need to check him out!!

Ottolenghi, the Cookbook.

Ottolenghi, the Cookbook.

He has written 3 cookbooks with the latest,  I think,  being “Jerusalem”.

I one I am loving at the moment is Ottolenghi.

Ottolenghi was written in 2008 and it is simply stunning.

I like cookbooks, I like the food, the pictures even though 9/10’s of the food, I never cook.

I just like to dribble over the food and pictures.

Well probably 98% of the recipes, I never cook or bake.



The beauty of this book is that the food in it is not complex, it’s not some jumped up twat trying to be pretentious.

It is simple, fresh food and it appeals because of that.

Many of the recipes are ones you may have heard of or even used but this is what appeals.

It is food we all know and love and it is food we can easily make ourselves.

Yes, there is some nice twists on classics or some interesting food mixes but it is food, you can still see yourself making and eating.

It is clean and not fussy.



The salads not only look gorgeous, you can see they will taste good too, and they are not fancy, just a few ingredients, that let the food talk for itself.

There in lies the beauty of this book.

Gorgeous fig and pecorino salad.

Stuffed vine leaves

There is even Bread recipes…

Happy greedybread:)

2 thoughts on “Ottolenghi…. Beautiful…..

  1. Plenty is one of my favourite recipe books. I have been watching his series on channel 4, and am really hoping to pick up a copy of Jerusalem soon. Although I think he does eat meat most of his recipes are vegetarian – but they are really exciting and inspiring.

    • i shall get Plenty out of the library next then…I have jerusalem on hold:)
      i haven’t seen the tv series here but on some things we are a million light years behind
      it is beautiful food because he makes the most of the food simply and lets the food speak, its not about him being a prententious wanker:

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