You better be good..You better not cry….NZ lolly cake….

What with the Fat man in red almost here, I thought I better make a last-ditch effort to be VERY good!!

Most certainly time to have a wee sweet treat before I roll out the big yeasty guns (Stollen etc) later in the week…

Classic NZ fare……Lolly cake:)

Lolly cake...

Lolly cake…

A small dilemma though….

First no Eskimo’s to be found….

Then I remembered something in the paper a while ago about not been able to sell them as they were racist…

But i thought most people said “Don’t be silly etc”….PC gone mad!!

Anyhow no Eskimo’s to be found ….and then I remembered that they were made by Pascall’s….



And who owns Pascall’s? Cadbury….

So none of those for me!!

I have not brought any Cadbury products since their palm oil debacle and then the moving of 90% of the “nz” products to be made in Australia or further a field…

After that SAGA, I did not trust them regardless of what they said….

No more for me...

No more for me…

It is a shame as I LOVED Cadbury creme eggs…But people take a stand on certain things and for me this was it…

Whittakers chocolate it is for me…..Err NZ wise that is…..

But less of the blathering and more of the Lolly cake making:)

Luckily Pam’s make fruit puffs, so I was able to use them…

Bloody yucky taste as I remember them to be as well…

Never liked Eskimo’s either or those bananas lollies either….

Fruit puffs....

Fruit puffs….

Now this recipe has been in the family floating round for ever….

I think every family has one..

It is just like you know how to make Anzac biscuits or pav….

Good Kiwi food, maybe it’s bred in you???

Malt biscuits....

Malt biscuits….

What will you need?

1 packet of malt biscuits

1 packet of fruit puffs chopped up roughly

1/2 can of condensed milk

85 g of melted butter …cooled.

1/2 cup of coconut for rolling:)

melt it...

melt it…

Mix it up baby!!

Mix it up baby!!

Crush the biccies…in the blender or put in a bag and bash the bejesus out them with the rolling-pin!!

Roughly chop up the fruit puffs and place in with the crushed biccies and stir.

Melt the butter and add in the condensed milk and combine well…

When cool, pour into the biccies mix and combine well.

Get those hands in and work it through!!

Create a log like roll.

Pour in condensed milk and butter...

Pour in condensed milk and butter…

Place a piece of baking paper on the bench and pour the coconut on there.

Roll the log over the coconut, coating well.

I like to place roll in a bag and twist it so it is very tight  and place in the fridge…

But just in gladwrap is ok too:)

rolling, rolling, rolling...

rolling, rolling, rolling…

roll in the coconut...

roll in the coconut…

Leave for 1-2 hours and then with a very sharp knife, slice as needed…

Indulge!! Time how long THERE IS SOME LEFT….

Greedyboys will scoff this.

If you get a piece, ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!

ready to slice!!

ready to slice!!

slice it up

slice it up

yum yum yum...

yum yum yum…

Very hot, black and Strong coffee off sets this very nicely.

And Santa……..’I want a ticket to Lucca , thanks”….



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