Guess What I have???

You want it, You want it, You want it…..

wooo, its here!!

wooo, it’s here!!

Well maybe not….Its a lame!! WOOOOO.

And, and, and and….Some diastatic malt powder…

Yay, Yay!!

All from the lovely Neville in Wellington who also makes his own bread peels and sells all sorts of wonderful bread things!!

Malt Powder

Malt Powder

He sells his wonderful products through trade me as well.

Thanks Neville!!

And and and and and ……there is more!!!

Guess what arrived today????

THE MARZIPAN!!! wooooo

Yay!!! its here....

Yay!!! its here….

So that means I can start the Stollen, which is great as the fruit has been soaking in rum for almost a week:)


Its proper marzipan, well this is actually almond paste which from which we make marzipan….

Has less sugar.

But it is not that hideous white icing rubbish people try to tell you is marzipan.

Most people in NZ don’t know what real marzipan is.



I was starting to think I would need to make my own marzipan or make the stollen like the original stollen was made….

Without marzipan:)

But for me, it is what I like best…. marzipan…..

It does remind me of eating that hideous white icing when I was a kid.

I hated that xmas cake or wedding cakes but loved that almond and/or white icing…..

But now, you would need to pour it down my throat…urgh!!



Got my tinfoil ready to wrap the stollen for a week or so…

My oldest son is German and he hates Stollen BUT he did say he liked mine as it wasn’t as dry….

Maybe he was just been kind to Mumma?

I suspect if he had a stollen from Dresden, he would think differently but I suspect he has just had supermarket brought…..

If you are like me and like to know the origins of things…..

Anyhow I best get away and start working on that Stollen and my other bread delights for christmas:)

kiwi xmas....

kiwi xmas….

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