Imagine if we could get such a selection here….well we probably can at about 20x’s the cost. I could not believe how cheap Nuts are in turkey and in Europe in general….I shudder to think the cost here of making baklava with the amount of pistachios in it that they use in turkey….

Gorgeous recipe, one I am trying as I reblog this!! If you haven’t looked at Panini girls blog before…dive right in!! I love it, Janie writes about all the things I love…Food, Italy, Cooking, and Lucca…..We both share a love of Lucca:)

Panini Girl

When I think of dessert the first thing that usually pops into my head is something with chocolate. There’s a hazelnut and chocolate mousse that’s been lurking on my list of “must try recipes”, but when planning my menu for a recent dinner party all I could think about were lemons.


I have a dwarf lemon out back and seemingly overnight it was chock full of lemons. I picked a bunch and squeezed them, but what I really wanted were Meyer lemons. I found gorgeous, large Meyers at the farmers’ market and used them instead. Their flavor is like a cross between a lemon and an orange and the curd for the filling was exactly what I had hoped for. Topped with whipped cream this tart was the perfect combination of a slightly nutty shell and the luscious, citrusy filling.

Lemon Curd Tart (from The Epicurious Cookbook)

For tart shell:

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