Happy Greedybread New Year….

Hello 2013!!!



Goodbye 2012, a good greedybread yeasty year!!

So let’s have a look……

BEST OF 2012……

1)  Buccellato, my favourite from Lucca, Italy.

Delicious aniseed taste….

My first ever post……SIGH ….


hmmm, want a bit now!!

hmmm, want a bit now!!

2) Challah.

This bread has always intrigued me and of course, I even managed to get a hand from my cave boy….

The child who never comes out of his room….So this was a major thing:) must have been the bread aroma.

I loved the braiding too, and so simple….just looks complex:)

So many variations and recipes…




3) Rewena Bread

Dare I say the Bread of NZ?

This bread has a taste all of its own:)

The lovely potato fermentation, not dissimilar to sour dough starters in a way…


Yay, and ready to eat..........

Yay, and ready to eat……….

4) Pide-

This was my most popular post….

I love love love Pide….

It’s just so tasty and the spicy meat and variation on toppings is endless too…

Mmm Spicy lamb and yoghurt….

I found a slightly different Pide recipe the other day and will share that with you shortly.


Scrummy Yummy!

Scrummy Yummy!

5) Norma’s Slice.

This lovely slice is always a hit .

I love it but don’t make it often as I can eat it all by myself easily:)

Piccy’s aren’t the best BUT the taste is….

You just need to trust me:)


Mmmm the whole tray!!

Mmmm the whole tray!!

6) Monkey Bread….

I just loved the sound of this bread….

It is delicious….and addictive:)


Mmmmm Monkey Bread

Mmmmm Monkey Bread

7:) Pizza-

Had to add this in…

Who doesn’t love Pizza???


Bacon, salame and cheese greedyboys pizza...

Bacon, salame and cheese greedyboys pizza…

8) Coconut and Cherry Cake-

This is too gorgeous!!

Moist, delicious, just right for a high tea…


plate view:)

plate view:)

9) The most revolting food….

This will astound you!!!

How people can eat this crap!! But some of it, is clever and inventive….

Especially the Bacon cup


Bacon Cup filled with Cheddar? OMG!!

Bacon Cup filled with Cheddar? OMG!!

10) Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

All greedyboys do!!!

Especially ones with presents in them:)

Great base recipe as well for future cupcake endeavours….


bite into it!!

bite into it!!

11) Maritozzi buns-

Love these, so delicious and simple to make:)



Maritozzi buns

12) Last but not least……Decisions, decisions….


Not my personal favourite but my lambie boy helped so it makes it a fav…

They did taste great….


NZ Koru Doughnut!!

NZ Koru Doughnut!!

For more scrumminess, check out my search index or send me a email or comment!!

Here is to a fabulous greedybread new year!!!

If there is anything you really want me to try to bake, let me know and I will give it a go!!!



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