NZ summer fav….Greedyboy Hot chips!!

When I was a kid, we made hot chips all the time….

Home made Greedyboy chips

Home made Greedyboy chips

But then the PC food police took over and it was all downhill…..

When they were smaller, the greedyboys went to stay at Grandma’s one weekend and she made hot chips for them:)

Since then, hot chips have become a definite favourite.

I have tweaked them somewhat, like making them big and chunky and using the best oil possible to cook them in.

Granted duck fat or beef tallow would be DIVINE…but reality knocks:)

The boys don’t have them often, maybe 3-4 times a year, mainly because of the amount of oil involved and they are not that great health wise.

I know, they are not a yeasty, or even a cakey but they are GOOD!!!

Cut up the chips and par boil...

Cut up the chips and par boil…

I know you are probably thinking ...”OMG, my new years diet, what is she doing?’ 

But isn’t summer on the beach or in the sun with hot chips, just once a summer, part of being a Kiwi?

Just do a bit of extra exercise and you will be sweet….

No need to go over board when eating them, I have one lot and that’s me….

Not heaps, just a small bowl and I am happy as Larry:)

Give them a bit of a boil.....

Give them a bit of a boil…..

So what will you need?

Some nice potatoes….I am not going to say types etc….

Obviously some are better than others for boiling and frying but any potatoes are good.

about 6-8 litres of oil

Paper towels or tea towels

Tomato Sauce






Red potatoes make a nice change from time to time!!

Get your greedyboys/girls/husbands/partners to peel the buggers…..

Sometimes, I will just scrub them and not peel them, so up to you.

Peeled or not, cut them up into chips as above.

There is not right or wrong but thick chunky ones are better…

Wedgey type:)

Lots of oil needed.

Lots of oil needed.

Put the potatoes in a big pot, salt generously and then par boil potatoes.

Boil to the same stage as you would for roasties.

If you are unsure, spear a potato, if its soft but still has firmness to it, its done.

You don’t want the potato dropping off the knife…that’s too done…

Pour into a colander and rinse with cold water to stop cooking process.

While all this is going on, heat your oil, as it can take a while.

You want a big pot and the oil shouldn’t come past 2/3rds of the pot.

Half is best I think…safer.

I use gas and its maybe 3/4 way on the dial….Sorry, no numbers on it::(

drain well...

drain well…

Drain potatoes well, I like to give them a bit of a dry on the tea towel.

If you are unsure about heat of the oil, pop a bit of your potato in the oil to test it.

If it floats, then it is ready to use.

Sorry, that’s not very descriptive but like many cooking processes , over time, you just know by looking, that its ready.

I carefully place the chips in the oil, usually about a small bowl full.

Be careful, do not drop in.

I am looking for an old-fashioned chip basket but haven’t found one as yet.

If you have a metal slotted spoon, put them on there and place them in that way.

Now, time wise, once again, it is a visual thing and you can test them of course:)

Usually, it’s about 5-10 minutes and then they are done.

Floating and golden brown is usually a good indicator.

tomato sauce, bread....

tomato sauce, bread….

Lay out your paper towels/ tea towels and scoop out chips and lay to drain.

While hot, sprinkle with crushed sea/ rock salt (better tasting) .

When drained, place on a plate, get the sauce ready and call the troops!!

I usually do 2-3 lots then call the troops, so there is enough for all and no fights:)

I allow the oil another 5 or so minutes to heat up again after removing each batch before placing potatoes in the pot again.

Alex tells me that chicken salt is very good too!!

Buttered bread is nice as well…..


Ahhhhh memories…

Dig in!!

Dig in!!

We did look at getting a deep fryer in the New Years sales but decided no…..

The chips wouldn’t be the same if we had them all the time.

Neither would my waist line!!

P.S: Just saw a chip basket on trade me:)


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