I want to make a Baked Alaska!!!

 And my own salumi….

I want to do Heather from Sapori e Saperi ‘s Salumi making course in Italy!!

Check it out!!


These are some of my food goals for 2013.

soor dough

I also want to perfect my sourdough cultures as they hate me and keep dying on me at the moment:(

I think the bread gods are angry with me…

I was reading this piece this morning and I thought I would share it.

A bit of humour to lighten monday but also really what is the first full working week of the year…..

Which then got me thinking about my food goals for 2013…..

But I don’t think to eat more trifle and lollies really qualifies…Shame

Hmmm what are they?

Hmmm what are they?

So here is the link and it is pasted below for those who can’t be arsed to click….


” Most New Year resolutions relating to food are about deprivation and denial rather than embracing the joys of eating.

All that stuff about eating less junk food and saying no to the snack machine at work is all well and good, but don’t forget to set yourself some culinary goals as well.

Here’s my list…

Take up smoking. Meat, fish, yoghurt, you name it. The old fridge in the shed should be just the ticket.

Stop drinking takeaway coffee like an overgrown toddler with a sippy cup. If there’s no time to sit down in a cafe, there’s no time for coffee.

Eat mindfully. At the table, not in front of the TV, preferably with the whole family, and with a sense of ceremony even when alone. Thoughtlessly stuffing food down at my computer will be a thing of the past.

Stop being such a superfood victim. Goji berries and chia seeds are not going to change my life.

How could you say no?????

How could you say no?????

Pork belly. Just say no.

More dumplings.

Commit the plethora of Chinese greens to memory. Be able to identify the pak choy from the ong choy and the choy sum at 20 paces.

Shop only with a list in hand.


Only organic when possible. Most definitely for the kids.

Go natural cleaning the kitchen . Bicarb, baking soda and vinegar. And elbow grease.

Give up processed sugar. Go for rapadura or honey, or go cold turkey.

Make gnocchi with the mouli Santa brought me for Christmas.

 Cook a souffle.


Buy only ethical meat and less of it. Opt for quality over quantity.

 Find new ways of using eggs. There are only so many omelettes a gal can eat.

Redo the pantry. Out with the grotty, sticky old half-finished bottles at the back of the cupboard and the 10-year-old dried chickpeas – in with the quality ingredients.

Commit the sustainable fish species guidelines to memory.

Try jellyfish.


Cook my way through Giorgio Locatelli’s Made in Italy. But don’t blog about it.

Pioneer a quadruple-cooked chip.

Make jam from the backyard figs and blood plums.

Figure out what to do with the persimmons.



Be diligent about labelling food in the freezer. No more “Is it lamb ragout or chicken cacciatore?”

Keep the knives sharpened.

Stop using a scourer on the non-stick pans and Le Creuset pots then lying to my husband about it. Ditto to sticking the knives in the dishwasher.

Go meatless on Monday.


Eat until three-quarters full. And then stop.

Get up in time to hit the farmers’ markets before everyone is packing up. And remember the trolley.

Tend the vegie patch. The weeds need weeding, the plants need feeding; I will aim to be a better, timelier pruner and an heirloom warrior. And I will not let the chickens or the rabbit destroy the tomato crop like last year

 Clean the oven. And keep it clean.


Where all good men should be....cleaning ovens of course!!

Where all good men should be….cleaning ovens of course!!

I do have to say myself, I HATE persimmons….yuck, I hate them…..

I don’t know why but they just revolt me….


Whilst it would be great to eat all organic or all farmers market produce, it is not always financially viable…

They can be outrageously expensive at times.

Nice thought though….

So what are your 2013 food goals?



2 thoughts on “I want to make a Baked Alaska!!!

  1. Nice list! Have you tried the pineapple-juice method for sourdough cultures? It turned out great for me. I have had my culture for 5 months now and it is thriving.

    • no, i haven’t..tried apple juice and kiwi juice, they were good BUT my latest ones are very very sad…
      I will try the pineapple juice…its the enyzymes in it, isn’t it?
      the S/D’s are getting to day 5, all bubby etc and then dying or dying as soon as i start halving the culture:)
      when did you stick it in the fridge? hmmm maybe i am expecting too much…

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