I want, I want, I want…

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Most of my WANT list is bready things to make….

As you can imagine, like most people I have lists, ideas, books as long as my arm of things I want to make or try or do…

So I intend to try to do up a list and do it!!

Food things that is….

I have a bread list on my fridge but I get diverted by other breads or food…


Tuckered out from a greedycat day of menu planning!!

Puss Puss just wants to be fed. That is his want!!

I have thought about my breadist leanings and my 2013 want list….

Here goes nothing!!

I am only going to list ten things here….not too greedy:)

I have a list of about 70 breads and things …..

Top of the list is…..

Beautiful tagine from le Creuset

Beautiful tagine from le Creuset

1) Le Creuset Tagine

Look at this beauty….I want this or a real tagine from Morocco….

I could almost lick the page….I love Moroccan food (watch out for my devils horns in the nest few days)…



2) Kunefe- Scrummy dessert from Turkey.

Heaven on a stick….I had this twice in Turkey…

I managed to source Kadayif the other day…You would think I was asking for a miracle.

Thanks to Dean at Global Foods Direct in Wairarapa.

Their food range is wide and varied so I will be able to get my harrissa there as well as my rose and orange blossom water.


Now I don’t have to make the Kadayif (shredded phyllo type pastry) like I thought I may…

Plenty of time for other fabulous things:)

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Bath Buns

3) Proper Bath buns not Sally Lunn.

I was trying to remember the name of the shop that I got them in when I was in Bath.

A wee tiny place , in one of the connecting alleys not far from the Cathedral…err i think…

Memory like a cabbage!

Perde Pilaf

Perde Pilaf

4) Perde Pilaf.

I had this at the end of my food tour in Istanbul with Istanbul Eats in a family run restaurant by the aqueducts.

It was called…..thinking, thinking, thinking….

Bugger….will get back to you on the restaurant name.

Pit roasted lamb there as well…Heaven on 2 sticks!!

Kunefe is served there too…

Ask for Megan to take you, fabulous and interesting woman…

The actual Pilaf we had...

The actual Pilaf we had…

Dig in...I can only hope to make one half as nice:)

Dig in…I can only hope to make one half as nice:)

5) Zuccotto, Panettone and Venetian Easter bread:

These I have made many a time…well usually I make each one, once a year…

Maybe 2 times with Panettone.

But I will this year as I KEEP promising to do make a Zuccotto with the Panettone.

The problem is, I just be too greedy and scoff all of the Panettone:)

I love Italian breads as you know but I like to make them again and again….

Or Pandoro or the Roman easter bread…yummy….

 I promise to go back to Italian classes too….as La bella lingua is getting very rusty….

My Zuccotto...heavenly!!

My Zuccotto…heavenly!!

6) Branching out into new areas:

I have promised myself to look at baking and breads from countries I haven’t considered before.

I really want to look at making historical breads and cakes..

Two fabulous books that I will gleam info on is from one of my favourite books,  the Bread book by Elizabeth David and Twelve cakes of Christmas by Helen Leach.



7) I want my Greedybread adventures to take off!!

I want to be run ragged showing you my secret foodie places in Epsom, Mt Eden and Onehunga…and a few other places…

I want to be all breaded out by your requests to come bake bread and/ or wander with me:)

Send your greedykids to see Alex, the ultimate greedyboy in action…

A very greedy boy and HIS red velvet cake!!

A very greedy boy and HIS red velvet cake!!

8) Salame making course with Heather at Sapori e Saperi ..

I know this is not about travel but I WANT TO DO IT!!!

Heather’s adventures are soooooo FABULOUS!!!

I may need to quell this desire somewhat by doing Homemade Artisan Sausage Workshop at the Gourmet Gannet in March.

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Heather ....Sapori e Saperi creator:)

Heather ….Sapori e Saperi creator:)

9) Cheese making course with Katherine Mowbray.

Now you tell me if this is fate????

These courses are held about 200 metre dash from my house!!!

23rd of February is marked in my calendar!!

Mozzarella queen I will become….

I know the Gourmet Gannet does cheese courses BUT I am too lazy at the moment to go to Muriwai….

But I will be there for the sausage course in March…


10) Make more NZ breads

What can I say??

errr..you know what i mean!!

errr..you know what I mean!!

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