Are you READY for SWEET NZ?????

Sweet NZ

Are you feeling Yeasty or Beasty?

Are you feeling SWEET AS???

How Exciting!!

Hosting Sweet NZ

I shall try to be the greedybread hostess with the mostest!

 I have been baking my little sweet heart out and have lots of sweets to show you this month!!

My greedybread brain has been working overtime and its only the 1st of February!!

I am feeling particularly greedy this month…

Even though I did promise to do a gluten-free, sugar-free, err all yumminess free month on runtontorun….
Oh well, I will do it in March….
Cake devilry...that is what!!
I want to hear from all you sweet lovers BUT don’t forget, you need to be a Kiwi Blogger !!!
You can live anywhere but you need to be a kiwi….even imported Kiwi’s!!
Don’t worry, I live in a permanent state of confusion….
 1: This event is open to all bloggers living in New Zealand (even if you are not a Kiwi), as well as all Kiwi bloggers living and blogging overseas.
2. You can enter anything sweet: cakes, biscuits, slices, desserts, even drinks, and you may submit as many entries as you like, including old posts if you like.
 ( thanks to Kitchen maid who made the rules nice and simple….)
3: Your entry must contain the phrase Sweet New Zealand, the Sweet New Zealand badge (choose your own size), a link to the host, and to this post.
4: Email me your recipes with a piccy and your link…to by the 26th of February 2013 and I will put all the sweet splendors up on my 28th February post!!!
Yum, looking forward to hearing from you all:)
Greedybread is on twitter but I don’t look at it much…
download (34)
I want to FEEL the sweet passion ….
My greedyboys will be on standby to try all recipes and any samples you want to send me ..err them:)
They are waiting….!!
Greedyboy and biscuit!!
Lets get your greedy on!!!

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