You all know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE bread!! I am tearing my hair out as I was in Lucca this time last year….can’t believe i missed it….
Chcek out my Lucca adventures @

Bagni di Lucca and Beyond

I wonder how many of you knew that 2nd February was Pasta Madre Day. I didn’t, until Heather Jarman invited me to a bread event in Castelnuovo.

All over Italy bread starters were being given away along with instructions on how to make your own sour dough bread. What a great idea to encourage people to get cooking. There is absolutely nothing as good as fresh bread straight from your own oven…and it can be fun to make.

We arrived to find the table laden with different types of bread made from the same starter, little jars of which were lined up ready to be taken to their new homes.



Linda and friends were on hand with helpful advice for would be breadmakers.


My favourite bread of all was the stecche senza impasto. The dough is fairly wet and takes about 12 hours to prove and doesn’t require any…

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