Sorry am still AWOL!!!

My groveliest apologies….

I am still have troubling getting media to upload.

I can cut and paste BUT it doesn’t give anything near what I want to show!!!

Argh….Some lovely surprises for you though

My naughty auntie , Mrs J, has been baking and she is going to be my guest this month, especially as its SWEET NZ  hosting time for me:)

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Stunning plum cake….i just had to reblog this beauty…..If you have not seen it on the gorgeous Food….Love food website, here it is again for your eating pleasure!!!

food love food

Georgie Lowe Photography
After Christmas Perrin brought me a bag of plums from his sister’s tree. He called to tell me he had picked a handful to make a cake. I remember smiling down the phone at this guy who picks me plums and suggests cake making. He brought the plums back in a supermarket shopping bag, the plastic threatening to tear. Nearly three kilos of small cherry-like fruit with dark skins and flesh the colour of a ruby sunset. The ripe skins were beginning to burst. We got to work fast.
Georgie Lowe Photography
This french plum cake recipe comes from an old Annabel Langbein book, the font and photos harking back to the nineties. It has been years since we have made this cake, maybe not so long ago as the nineties but I had forgotten the exciting bite of a plum cake – the soft buttery crumb with tart lush plums, their juices…

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