Just to kick start of the easter baking!!! I have started on the hot cross buns/ variations of Hot cross buns and other yummy easter tretas…so keep the eyes peeled!!


Easter bread…..I know you are going to love this…

No, it’s not easter BUT this bread is BETTER than chocolate eggs!!

OK, I know I am bias,  loving sweet breads as I do …..

I know, you don’t believe me BUT you need to make it and see.

The topping of the bread will blow you away..

The smell is very similar to the Pandoro, so a very eggy, yeasty bread!!

But not as eggy as the Roman Pizza di Pasqua.

Now you need to take into account, I didn’t have a dove mold so mine is a GIANT hand-made dove!!

Phew, I think I have enough for 3 Easters!!

Mmmmmm, all the more for me………..Greedy, Greedy GIRL!!

The other thing we don’t get here is the white sugar pellets.

 Granted, they do remind of slug pellets…….

So I had to substitute and use coffee crystals, which is ok but…

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