Torta di limone Aka Lemon tart…..

Yummy yum yum...

Yummy yum yum…

Very zesty...

Very zesty…

I love citrus based cakes, biscuits, breads….anything with citrus, I am your girl…

You can see, I have put LOTS of zest in the one above:)

I love this recipe as its nice and easy to make.

You could even use a lemon curd recipe for the filling if you wanted as my recipe for the lemon creme is similar.

I like this recipe as you bake the pie crust, let it cool a little then add the creme.

You could make the creme ahead of time if you wanted.

Its a  great  recipe if you are worried about an unbaked pie crust when you bake the filling and base together.

Use my pasta frolla recipe for your base as it gives you a gorgeous crumb and crust!

Get your pasta frolla made and while it’s in the fridge resting for an hour, make the lemon creme.



very zesty!

very zesty!

What do you need for the lemon creme?

4 eggs

2 cups of icing sugar

1/2 cup of lemon juice

grated zest of 3-4 lemons

120g of butter.

Beating the eggs and zest ...

Beating the eggs and zest …

A bit of zest?

A bit of zest?

Makeshift double boiler:)

Makeshift double boiler:)

Beat eggs and sugars together in the top part of the double boiler pan or a bowl like mine above until thick and creamy.

Stir in juice, zest and butter.

Put bowl on top of small pan with a small portion of water in it.

You don’t want water to get into the top bowl/pan.

Whisk constantly until it is thick…usually about 10-15 minutes.

Once it is quite thick, remove from the heat and allow to cool.

You can speed this up by placing bowl in cold water.

Cover with glad wrap and put in fridge until cold and set.



Ready to pour into base...

Ready to pour into base…

base is ready!

base is ready!

Pour lemon creme into the cool base and then place in fridge, allowing time to set.

I usually leave it for 2-3 hours but 1 hour is usually enough….

If you can’t wait that is and who could blame you, as it is mouth-watering!



A slice?

A slice?

very tasty...

very tasty…



Almost all gone...

Almost all gone…



goooooonnnne....last crumbs...

goooooonnnne….last crumbs…

You could make these mini tartlets instead of a large tart if you prefer small ones.

You can use the lemon creme in pastries as well.

You can even use it like a lemon curd as a spread for scones or pikelets.

Very decadent!

Joined by a hot coffee:)

Don’t forget Pasta frolla recipe !




3 thoughts on “Torta di limone Aka Lemon tart…..

  1. Just to let you know that I do enjoy reading your blog a lot! Thank you for sharing this tart recipe…your tart looks so deliciously good… we will see if we could come up as close as what you’ve done for our weekend baking:)

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