Start Sunday with Scrummy Scones!!

There is nothing like scones.

Nothing like freshly made scones...

Nothing like freshly made scones…

Have a bite!

Have a bite!

Gorgeous crumb..

Gorgeous crumb..

I often make scones for the greedyboys (and myself)…

Usually though I don’t have cream, it’s just jam, nutella or golden syrup…or any other weird concoction the greedyboys think up…

Personally I like raisin scones with a lick of butter and that’s that!

Simple but scrummy:)

And a hot cup of strong black tea.

a bit of cream!

a bit of cream!

The trick is with scones, the less handling the better and that they were not made to be all pretty and nicey nice.

The more you play around with them, the less pretty they will taste.

Pretty they may look but they will be heavy or doughy….

Seriously,  a delicate hand is best here.

I have used my usual recipe for scones

With some new photos!!

I thought you may enjoy Sunday scones…

Morning tea, Brunch, Afternoon tea, lunch even?

Anytime is right for scones:)

Combine the dry ingredients..

Combine the dry ingredients..

Liquid in....

Liquid in….

A brief mix and out it goes...

A brief mix and out it goes…

Half Raisin....

Half Raisin….

Half Plain...

Half Plain…

Ready to bake- just need a brush of milk..

Ready to bake- just need a brush of milk..

A lick of Milk...

A lick of Milk…



Close up...

Close up…



Lovely light crumb..

Lovely light crumb..

Add some butter, cream and jam...

Add some butter, cream and jam…

or just jam??

or just jam and butter ??

have a bite!

have a bite!

Greedyboy scones recipe

Don’t forget to ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!

2 thoughts on “Start Sunday with Scrummy Scones!!

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