I know its not Nutella day but….

Who could say no to this BAD BOY?

or even the weeny ones?

P1070701 (800x600)

P1070750 (800x600)

Nutella crostata…

I am not a nutella fan, I will eat it but not that fussed…

Yes, I know, la bel paese di il mio cuore amore nutella…

However, this I could eat and eat and eat and eat!!!

P1070770 (800x600)

P1070714 (800x600)P1070710 (800x600)

We did have nutella crostata a few times for breakfast in Italy and I am the first to say it always tastes better in Italy BUT…

This one tasted bellissimo!!! Ha ha ..it’s that marvellous pasta frolla…

The greedyboys, as you can imagine, were very interested in a place that has nutella tart for breakfast!!

The plumper who hates nuts, loves it!!

But then he also eats nutella by the spoonful….


P1070760 (800x600)

Best of all, this baby is quick, easy and can be your dessert in under 2 hours!!1 including pastry resting time:)

So what do you do????

Make up one batch of my pasta frolla….well half….as one batch makes two tarts of medium size or a HUGE one….

Do what I do and make Nutella crostata today and then another tart tomorrow 🙂

Pasta Frolla recipe….

P1070686 (800x600)

P1070688 (800x600)

P1070689 (800x600)


P1070691 (800x600)Make the pasta frolla…while its resting, have a coffee!!

Pre heat oven to 175 celsius…

Get a tart tin..I like the ceramic ones…grease it well:)

Roll out dough on a lightly floured board/bench.

Gentle, gentle, gentle…

P1070695 (800x600)

P1070696 (800x600)

P1070738 (800x600)

P1070699 (800x600)Gently place pastry in the tin.

Place 400g of Nutella into the pastry.

Cut the pastry in to long thin strips and form a criss cross pattern on the top of the nutella (see below and above )

Bake for 35 minutes or until pastry is golden.

Remove from oven and cool.

P1070760 (800x600)

P1070702 (800x600)You can dust this with icing sugar but it doesn’t need it…

Its bella by itself:)

Cut a slice whilst warm and enjoy, enjoy and enjoy!!

Cut another piece when cold and repeat enjoying:)

The greedyboys assure me its delish dipped in cold milk!!


P1070717 (800x600)

P1070759 (800x600)

P1070768 (800x600)

P1070708 (800x600)

P1070716 (800x600)

4 thoughts on “I know its not Nutella day but….

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    • I hate to admit it but its DELISH for brekkie….How bad is that!! Wait till i post the Nutella sticky buns and Nutella pizza………….Greedyboys are not nutellaed out yet either:)

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