Cast your eyes on this beasty!!

Torta Brusca or Crescia di Pasqua

Crescia di Pasqua

Crescia di Pasqua

From Le Marche, Italy.

Unlike many of my favourites….This beauty is savoury:)

Chocca full of cheese….Mmmmmmmmm

Check out an even bigger version of this beasty!!! Torta Brusca or Crescia di Pasqua

This will definitely be a goer for me soon!!

What a beasty yeasty!!!

I will leave you today with some Italian easter breads and the words…..Ricotta, Figs, honey, pasta frolla……

Keep your eyes peeled!!

My Pizza di Pasqua...

My Pizza di Pasqua…

Sicilian Easter breads....

Sicilian Easter breads….


my Casatiello- Neopolitan Easter bread

My Colomba pasqua...

My Colomba pasqua…

Generic Italian Easter Bread

Roxanna’s  Italian Easter Bread

And am just making Civitavecchia di pane as we speak:)

The rising Civitavecchia!!

The rising Civitavecchia!!

Back to work!!! Bah….


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