Sweet New Zealand: By After Taste

Yep, its the monthly SWEET NZ round up….Look at all the goodies on offer!! Hmmmm, much baking to be done!!

After Taste

Jeepers! June tomorrow, what the? Uh, where did this month even go?! Where has the year gone. Just to remind me of this, I walked past a shop the other day and saw a sign saying “Christmas countdown: 210 days”..things I didn’t need and/or want to know. Admittedly, they were a children’s toy shop…

More importantly, during the month of May, After Taste hosted ‘Sweet New Zealand’. This event was originally started by Alessandra Zecchini in 2011 and really encourages kiwi food bloggers to share their secret recipes, discover new delights and of course, get to know other New Zealand food bloggers, living both here and overseas.

Here are the entries from May:

1.Dulce de leche cupcakes by Alessandra Zecchini

These look incredible Alessandra, and yet another great photograph from you! I have heard a lot about dulce de leche but I am yet to try it or use it in…

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A Recipe for a Clay Oven and endless Culinary Adventures

So awesome……I want it build one….

Imported Kiwi

Building a clay oven in your backyard may seem like a daunting process. But after we built ours, I can really say it wasn’t that bad! Now that we have had Big Bill for over 2 years, I’m really glad Native Kiwi insisted we built one rather than my lazy idea of having a backyard swing seat in the same spot.

First of all, you’ll need to plan:

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