How could you not love this??

Want it!!!

Want it!!!


I had this beauty on my watch list.

Can you imagine how good the cakes/goodies would look on this?

It would also add to the taste, I am sure:)

What did I do?

I FORGOT!! That is what I did.

I wrote it on my hand and I forgot to ring up my son and get him to bid on it for me….

Gone, someone else has it:(

Heartbreak, It wanted to live here with me.

But there is HOPE!

I found this one….



It’s on a wonderfully Kitchy shop in Wellington.

Check out hitchkitcth

Fingers crossed!

Greedy Greedy Greedy....

Greedy Greedy Greedy….

Have you tried?

Sicilian almond, pistachio and cardamom biscuits..mmmmm

Nutella tarts?

Vanilla and Chocolate shortbread

afternoon tea???

afternoon tea???


2 thoughts on “How could you not love this??

    • i know:) start collecting now and soon, I will have all i need…just need the capital:)…check out the florentine tearoom in epsom….love it…i want something like that:) ladies and tea…and coffee:)

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