Raspberry &Spiced Apple Pie…Winter Warmer!!

P1090029 (640x480)

Bubbly Beauty…

Mmmm crumbly crust...

Mmmm crumbly crust…

A little of this & that..

A little of this & that..

Just right for winter!!

Cold, dreary nights…Sweet hot fruity pie with a scrumpty crumbly sweet short crust!


Nice and easy too, you can make the pastry the day before if you like or in the morning before work if you are wanting to make it mid-week.

We are using my favourite, Pasta Frolla.

You know , I love this and WHY?

Because it is so versatile….It is equivalent of the little black dress !!

Dress it up or down:)


Rocking raspberries...

Rocking raspberries…

Ready to GENTLY roll out

Ready to GENTLY roll out

in the dish:)

Apple in the dish:)

Add some raspberries...

Add some raspberries…

a scattering of muscovado...

a scattering of muscovado…

Lattice the top!

Lattice the top!

On a lightly floured bench, gently roll out the pastry.

Remember much lightness of hands kemosabi!!

Else heavy heavy pastry will be yours:)

Use 3/4 of the dough for the base and 1/4 for the lattice or

2/3rd for the bottom and 1/3 for a full covering:)

Your choice…

Or cut star things like on my crostata below?

P1070734 (800x600)

Starry Starry nights…

Preheat the oven to 190 celsius.

Place the bottom layer of the pastry into the dish, wrapping the pastry round the roller helps:)

Make sure the dish is well oiled.

Place apple filling or fresh apples into the bottom of the pastry dish (as above).

Add in raspberries and a scattering of muscovado(optional).

Cut the lattice strips and lay over the pie, joining them to the outer crust.

I will also turn over the outer crust, covering the lattice edging.

Gently brush with a little milk and then pop into the ready oven.

45 minutes in the oven usually does this, with a rotation mid way.

Nice, brown and bubbly and take it out!!




criss crossy..

criss crossy..



double mmmm

double mmmm

A triple yummmmm??

A triple yummmmm??

Hurry, almost gone!!

Hurry, almost gone!!

Cool slightly and serve warm with ice cream or cream…

Or a dusting of icing sugar or all alone:)

Extra yummy, the next morning cold for brekkie:)


almost the end!!

almost the end!!

Have you tried these Greedybread desserts?

Gorgeous Greedybread Berry fruit Pie

Berry crumble

Greedybread Bread & Butter Pudding

Ricotta, Honey & Fig Tartlets

Don’t forget to check out Greedybread cooking lessons if you are not sure about making it yourself…

Or come along to one of the Greedybread evening classes in Term 3 or 4 @ Mt Roskill Community Education or Parnell trust.

Might see you there.



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