Do the Hokey Tokey Brownies?????

What evilness lurks??

What evilness lurks??

Why Chocolate overload of course!!

Why Chocolate overload of course!!

choc, butterscotch, white choc...heaven!

choc, butterscotch, white choc…heaven!

Or will it be Butterscotch, rich chocolate and white chocolate swirly twierly brownies???

What a mouthful!!

Ha, what a hideous pun!!

Not exactly sure what to call these…They are very very tasty though…

You better hide them…because they lasted 3 hours in my house….and that was late at night???

Don’t be looking @ me either!

Start with rich chocolate....

Start with rich chocolate….

A little butterscotch..

A little butterscotch..

A bit of these...

A bit of these…

Do the hokey pokey...

Do the hokey pokey…

And you mix it all about....

And you mix it all about….

Thats what its all about!!

That’s what its all about!!

What will you need?

To do the hokey Tokey….

I am sure we used to say the hokey pokey when we were kids…

Or is it the Hokey Pokey?

I digress…..

This mix makes a big roasting dish of about 40 cm  x 20 cm  maybe?

You can make half if you wish or are not as greedy as us….

I use my roasting dish as it is the little black dress of the dishes):


1 cup of dutch processed cocoa

8 eggs

300 g of butter

2 cups of castor sugar

2 cups of muscovado

2 tsp vanilla essence

2 cups of flour

2 tsp bp

1 packet of white choc bits ( No Cadbury’s remember!!)

Nestle or Whittakers…

2 bowls.. no, I lie!! 3 bowls .

swirly swirly...

swirly swirly…

Preheat the oven to 160 celsius.

Make sure your dish is lightly oiled and if its not a non stick or an old faithful where cakes just slip right out, use baking paper too…

Melt the butter.

Pour half into each bowl.

Add muscovado sugar to one bowl and castor sugar to the other and combine.

Add the dutch cocoa to the white sugar bowl and mix well.

Cool slightly before adding eggs.

Beat in 4 eggs into each bowl and mix through.

Add vanilla to the non cocoa bowl  and combine.

Combine in another (yes 3rd ) bowl , flour and bp.

Add 3/4 of  a cup of the flour to the cocoa mix and 1 and 1/4 cups to the butterscotch mix.

Gently fold in..

swirly swiryl cooked:)

swirly swirly cooked:)

Don’t be going crazy on me now and beat the crap out of it!

Remember we like light hands!!

Light hands, light brownies:) err and pastries and cakes etc etc…

Divide the white choc and place half and half in each bowl..

Fold in gently:)

Pour the chocolate mix into the dish and strategically place dollops of the butterscotch mix on top of the cocoa.

Or you can just dollop where it takes your fancy.

Get a kebab skewer and insert and swirl the mix around …

Yep, do the Hokey Tokey..

Place in the oven and bake for about 40-50 minutes.

Test with a want a bit of gooeyness on it:)

See the gooeyness?

See the gooeyness?

You want this to be cooked BUT you don’t want it to have cake consistency.

You want it a little gooey…this can take practice to know when to take it out…

It will still taste exquisite but it will be a drier texture, more like cake, than gooey as we want brownies to be:)

Almost a little uncooked looking and don’t forget even when you take it out of the oven, the brownies will firm up when cold…

IF they last that long:)

P1090152 (640x480)




see the white choc???

Melted white chocolate pieces…



More please?

More please?



Don’t forget ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!

Exceptionally tasty with a drizzle of butterscotch sauce or a little cream:)

Have you tried?

The Original Greedyboy brownie...

The Original Greedyboy brownie…

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