Luscious Lemon, Yoghurt & Olive Oil Cake..

This cake is soooooo Delish!

lightly dusted?

lightly dusted?

Lovely Jubiley...

Lovely Jubiley…

Greedyboy approved!!

Greedyboy approved!!

light and citrusy

light and full of citrus zest!

I knew this was going to be trouble when I tasted the batter and thought “Hmmm, could eat that alone, uncooked”..

Dangerous, very dangerous!!

The batter was  rich and creamy, not really like uncooked cake dough…

More like an enriched yoghurt!

a bit of this...

a bit of this…

What will you need?

2 lemons:)

1 cup of castor sugar

2 cups of cake flour

zest and juice of the above mentioned lemons

3/4 cup of Olive oil

3 eggs

2 tsp baking powder


1 cup of vanilla yoplait yoghurt.

lemon infused sugar

lemon infused sugar

Add the eggs, oil and yoghurt...

Add the eggs, oil and yoghurt…

Grate the lemon(or use the zester as I did) into the sugar and then pour in all the lemon juice.

It was about 1/2 a cup of juice.

Leave to sit and infuse for 30 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 170 celius and grease a cake tin- line as well if its not an old trusty:)

Beat in eggs to the sugar mix, then add in yoghurt and oil.

Add in flour, salt and baking powder and combine well.

Mix until it is a smooth batter.

Have a taste!! Is it not divine?


Pour into the cake tin and pop in the oven and bake for 40-45 minutes.

Remove from the oven and cool in the tin for 15 minutes and then turn out on to a wire rack for final cooling.

Nice and smooth....

Nice and smooth….

Into the oven..

Into the oven..

This is tasty whilst warm but it is just as good if you can wait till cool.

It only needs a fine dust of icing sugar really or you can do a lime icing but that is your choice…

Greedyboys like icing:)..

Even a little cream would be nice…

Plain or even plain yoghurt.



slice yourself a piece..

slice yourself a piece..

have a bite!

have a bite!

the full story...

the full story…

A little icing sugar...

A little icing sugar…

or a lot!!

or a lot!!



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