Pistachio & Orange Blossom Fudge…



I know I say often “this is good”  BUT this is GOOD!!

In fact I may sell hubby for a piece of this:) 

Silky smooth texture with a hint of orange blossom in the aftertaste and then crunchy pistachio.

Just before the sugar reaches that too hard stage….smooth but solid!

Fudge alone is divine but this is even more EVIL~~

Addictive and evil but oooooooooooooh so good:

take it away!

take it away!

Since one of my greedyboys doesn’t like nuts (never tasted them though) I had to do 2 batches…..

One of this  divineness and one of vanilla ..

So sad:) …so much fudge, not enough time!



What will you need?

3 cups of sugar

120 g of butter

1/2 can of condensed milk

1/2 cup of milk

twist of salt

3 tbsp of orange blossom water

1/2 cup of chopped pistachio’s

good squirt of golden syrup.

fudgey delights...

fudgey delights…

A little bit of this...

A little bit of this…

a wee stir...

a wee stir…

Place sugar and milk in a copper bottom pan or very heavy saucepan.

Slowly (and I MEAN SLOWLY) bring the sugar and milk to a very slow simmer, stirring all the time.

Add in all other ingredients bar the pistachios and Orange blossom water…

Stirring often, let this gently simmer and deepen in color.

You want it to be between hard ball and soft ball stage.

Sorry guys but I don’t time it or use a sugar thermometer, I just know by looking if it is ready.

It generally simmers for maybe 30-45 minutes, very low heat.

I know that probably sounds arsey or smug but I have been making it so long, I just tell by looking.

Granted in saying that, I do test it from time to time by dropping a small sample into some cold water in a wee bowl.

This tells what stage it is at roughly…

ready to pour...

ready to pour…

setting...HURRY UP!!

setting…HURRY UP!!

When the fudge is ready, turn off the element and allow to sit for 5 minutes.

Beat well and add in the orange blossom water.

When the fudge is almost at setting point, quickly fold in the pistachios and pour into your greased pan.

Allow to cool for about 30-45 minutes and slice before it hardens and pop into the fridge.

Usually I like to give it 2-3 hours or possibly a night to set but if you really can’t wait, usually after 60-90 minutes it will be firm enough to slice and eat.

If it is not, then it maybe more at caramel stage than fudge…

If you are unsure what i mean…email me @ besotted@ilovelucca.co.nz

If it is too hard to slice, maybe you have cooked it too long, especially if the sugar looks crystallised when you cut into it.

If you have manged to control yourself….have some):

I think I need to make ice cream to put this in!!


lovely dovely...

lovely dovely…

evilness incarnate

evilness incarnate

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4 thoughts on “Pistachio & Orange Blossom Fudge…

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  2. OMG, this looks so yummy. Orange blossom water!… used a lot by the Iranians too. A drop or two in pitcher of drinking water will enchant your visitors. 😀
    p.s. This is not the rosewater recipe you mentioned, right?

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