Thanks Fae….


Moving Acceptance Speech

Fae @ Fae’s Twist & Tango awarded Greedybread with an ABC award!!

Pretty cool!!

Thanks Fae…

In line with the award I need to do 2 things

1) To acknowledge blogs/sites I like

2) A-Z of things important to Greedybread.


A-Z for Greedybread:

A- Acceptance that not all bread will be perfect.

B- BREAD of course!! and Bagels..

C-Cake flour

D-Durum Wheat Flour

E- Eggs, for all good bakers

P1070710 (800x600)

F- Flour…but of course!

G- Gluten- important to know about & Greedybread!

H-Harissa- a wonderful spice…not really for bread but you never know.

I-Ice Cubes- to chuck in the oven to mist it

J- Jelly- need i say more?

K-Kitchen- yep, need it..

L- Lemons- my fav citrus and so good for baking

Very zesty...

Very zesty…

M-Malt Powder

N- Nigella seeds



Q- Quiet time to read bread books:)

R-Resting bread

S-Spelt & Sea salt

T- Time- we all need more):

U-Urenika Potatoes- unique to NZ- Great for Rewena Bread

purple mash....

purple mash….

V-Vanilla pods


X- Xcitement over new breads!!

Y-Young sourdough culture….will it survive the greedyhands???

Z- Zest…

Greedyboy hotcakes

Greedyboy hotcakes

Bread/ Baking/food Blogs/Websites I like.

So get in and check them out!!

Bread & Companatico

Une Gamine dans la cuisine

Gourmet Gannet

Fae’s Twist & Tango

Katie Parla

Auckland Food Blog

List of NZ Foodies

Cake wrecks

Imported Kiwi

Sweet NZ

And many many others:)




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