Red Velvet Lamingtons! How Greedy!!


P1100281 (800x600)

Just a wee post to keep you updated.

I am still tweaking the website/blog so patience, patience, patience.

It won’t be too much longer.

Don’t be shy and get over the!

I will still be posting on Facebook and the odd Blog.

I will have the odd treat for you:)

I am still baking away furiously, testing new recipe and weighing, costing and thinking for the new online shop that will be operating by August 1st!!

An exciting new start to the new month.

Don’t forget classes start at the end of August and go sporodically until the end of the year.

You know if you don’t fancy that, come have a private lesson with a mate!

Hope you enjoy the lamingtons!!

Recipe will come:)

Mrs J Red velvet Lamington.
Mrs J Red velvet Lamington.

Very tasty
Very tasty


too greedy late!
too greedy late!

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