L.L.L.L.LOVE Focaccia!! It is known by many names all over Italy… Focaccia in Genoa, Schiacciata in Firenze and Puglia, Pinze in the south… I have been making a sort of focaccia for years, not really focaccia, well maybe a NZ one but not like the real thing… Tasty but wanted some focaccia with olive oil […]

McDonalds Killer?? Hail the Altamura Pane:

Now this bread has a very interesting tale to tell. Altamura bread singlehandedly drove McD’s out of its city because the people there are very proud of their regional bread and food. “What took place was a small war between us and McDonald’s,” said Onofrio Pepe, a retired journalist who founded an association here devoted […]

Bready for Italian pane??

I had to repost this as it is wonderful. It is a blog i subscribe to and today’s post was so bready wonderful and relevant to me and breadlovers, i thought, “must share this” !! The pictures though are my touch!! Enjoy!! Stupendous!! Many thanks to http://blogs.transparent.com/italian/quanti-pani/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=languageblog&utm_content=italian “Let’s have a look at the names of a […]